Therapy Services

We offer therapy to support you through your experience with:

Clients must reside in Ontario.

At this time, all appointments are virtual.

We offer complimentary 15-minute consultations and Fourth Trimester Check-Ups

Our Process

Step 1: Reach out to request a free initial consultation (15-minute phone call). This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and for us to learn about you. 

Step 2: Should you decide to pursue therapy, you will meet with a therapist for an initial assessment appointment (typically 1-2 sessions). Your therapist will gather personal information about your history and current situation in order to better provide recommendations and support.

For family appointments, your therapist will meet individually with each family member and then will meet everyone together as a family unit.

Step 3: You and your therapist will collaborate to create goals for therapy and a plan to meet those goals.  

Your therapist  will support you to explore your emotions and create a support team, which may include referrals to other services or involving identified support people in some of your appointments, with your consent. Therapy is a collaborative process between you and your therapist. Should you have any questions or concerns at any time, please bring them forward so we can ensure you are getting what you would like out of the experience.


Free initial consultation (15-minute phone call)  OR

Free Fourth Trimester Check-Up (15-minute video call)

Individual Sessions (video)

50-minute: $175

80-minute: $215

Family Sessions (video)

80-minute: $240

Insurance Coverage

Private Counselling sessions are NOT covered by OHIP. They may be covered by your health benefits plan through your employer.  We are unable to directly bill your insurance company, but your therapist is registered with their regulatory college and you will be provided with a receipt with all the necessary information to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if you have extended healthcare coverage that applies to Registered Social Workers. Please note that each client’s insurance agreement is an agreement between themselves and the insurance company directly. In the event that any insurance company or third-party coverage provider does not completely reimburse or even rejects health services claim, the client is still responsible for all of the fees.

Please note: Social work services are considered a medical expense and tax credit for income tax purposes. Any fees not covered by your benefits plan can be claimed when you file your income tax return. 


Payment is accepted through e-transfer.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24-hour notice to cancel a scheduled session so that your appointment slot can be offered to another client. The full session fee is charged if there is less than 24-hours notice given or an appointment is missed. This includes your initial appointment.